This is our story as we teach our children to love learning and to love living. We stay up late to count the stars, we climb mountains to see the valleys, and we even swim in the rain. The sun does not always shine on our adventures, but we do learn from them, all while thanking God for the world he has given us. This is our homeschool journey, designed for our family and far away friends, but all are welcome.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Currently renovating - Hope to be back soon!

Broken Link?

Throughout many of my posts you will find links to other web pages I have used to gather information for teaching my children. As of the time I post them, the links are valid and do contain the information I refer to.
If you find a broken link, or a misleading one, please let me know.


The adventures we have and the methods we use may not be suitable for all families. Our approach contains a blend of love, guidance from God, a desire for adventure, an appreciation for the outdoors, and a fair share of mistakes. No artificial ingredients have been added. If you attempt to use our methods, please do so with caution, knowing that your family may grow closer in the process. Due to daily learning, the opinions and views expressed in these posts are subject to change without notice. Happy schooling!